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Do you do teletherapy sessions?

In March 2020, Amy began offering sessions via Zoom.  Sessions are HIPAA compliant, through a unique password-protected link.  Amy can only provide teletherapy sessions for children/families within New York State.

In deciding if your child is ready for teletherapy, please consider how remote school and Zoom playdates have gone.  Does your child enjoy it?  Do they resist having their video on?  Do they run away from the screen?  How long is your child's attention span?  Will they be able to stay in a room on the screen without you for 30 - 45 minutes?  

Strategies to make your child's Zoom therapy session successful:

  • Find a private space for your child to meet.  This could be their bedroom, your bedroom,  a well-lit closet...
  • While sessions can be conducted on cell phones, the technology works best on a computer or tablet.
  • Provide your child with headphones.  This "tethers" them to the technology, and offers added privacy.
  • Make sure your child's therapist has your cell phone number, in case there are problems with the technology.


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